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Donations: Our Policy

We are proud and privileged to operate our business in Liberty, Maine and endeavor to take as many opportunities as possible to give back. All requests will be thoughtfully reviewed, but we give special priority to organizations that are within a 20 mile radius to our brewery and those that focus on the environment and local economic development. Please know that while we would love to honor every request we receive, we must set ourselves a limit and may not be able to grant every request.


A few parameters to consider:


  • All donation requests must be made at least four weeks prior to the date of the event, using the form below.

  • Recipients of donations of beer must hold a valid liquor license for the event. The beer must directly benefit the nonprofit. Any unused beer donated for an event must be returned to the brewery. Any cans or bottles must be recycled; not returned for deposit.

  • Donations are to be picked up at the brewery, located at 4 Marshall Shore Road, Liberty ME 04949

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